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Customers digitally smarter; marketing pros had better study up on their social media

Those in charge of Marketing are starting to feel overwhelmed by the growing volume of consumer data on social media channels, but they had better jump on the band wagon according to a study by IBM.

An underwhelming 26% of CMOs track blogs and just 40% track online communication, which means they are seriously lagging when it comes to the way information is shared today. Just using traditional marketing techniques will not cut it today because:

“We have entered the age of the smarter consumer,” IBM marketing executive Marcel Holsheimer told journalists at a briefing in London.

“Marketing is going to become much more an automated and software play than it was in the past. This is why IBM is now making the investment in this space.”

We know a lot of people are struggling to get a grasp of social media, in terms of how to use it and how to monitor it, but it’s time to master it now before it’s too late.

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