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How do you explain PR?

Introductions and explaining to people what you do can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially when they don’t know what PR is. I like my work and try my best to convey how interesting public relations can be, if you do it right. As challenging as it might sound, the moment I saw this video I realised how close the performance was to how PR works.

If you are in PR, you know what I mean and if you don’t, this is how we move. When we start working with new clients, the preparation phase is usually calm as we soak up all information possible, then as we get to know our clients more, we speed up the process and our services become more strategic, targeted and efficient. Sometimes we are even required to bend over backwards, literally, to position our clients in the best way possible. Yet, when we do it right, it seems seamless to observers.

So the next time anyone asks me what PR is exactly, it’ll be easier to explain. I’ll just send them this link.