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David Ogilvy quotes that will help you become a better blogger

Ever since we started the C&B blog, it has not just changed the way I write but even what I read. I never imagined myself writing a blog or anything that looked like a blog. Just like any starter, my first question was ‘What is a blog’? The answer will remain confusing till you start writing one. An important thing when you are writing a blog is to know what to write about. To begin with, I always look for topics and things that I find interesting and hope that others will like it too. You make a few mistakes, like I did when I wrote my first blog (obviously that didn’t see the light of the day) and you keep getting better once you get the hang of it.

Like I said, one way to improve how you write is to read what others have to say. An interesting piece that I read recently was a blog post by Darren Rowse, ‘10 David Ogilvy Quotes that Could Revolutionize Your Blogging’ that caught my attention, a must read for bloggers, marketers or anyone for that matter.

I’ll leave you with the video ‘David Ogilvy: Essentials’ posted by Adweek, four minutes with the ad man David Ogilvy himself and invite you to share your favourite David Ogilvy quote.