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Keeping Your Cool during Interviews

We’ve all witnessed a number of TV interviews where celebrities and spokespeople have lost their cool and stormed off set, particularly when asked questions about their personal life that is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Of course, there is certain etiquette to handling high-pressure situations like this – while we may not always have control over the questions we are asked, we can keep check of how we react to them. As difficult as it may be to not let your emotions get in the way.

Remember, there are times when it is appropriate to let your emotions shine through as it can add a genuine touch, but under the wrong circumstances it can simply make your audience uncomfortable. Brad Phillips gives us some quick and easy tips on how to regain your composure when put under the spotlight, such as during an interview or a speech.

1. Ask yourself whether it’s OK to be emotional. Most audiences understand why a burn survivor might get emotional when discussing his or her injury. Exhibiting emotion may feel uncomfortable, but in some cases, it may actually enhance your delivery. So don’t automatically try to squelch your emotion just because you’re embarrassed by it.

But then again, sometimes you’ll have to de-personalize and detach in order to keep your cool while getting the scope.

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