We let the facts do the talking.

Cicero & Bernay have entered the Blogosphere!

Why blog?

The greatest strength of blogging is probably its greatest weakness: anyone can do it. As such, blogs can be hit-and-miss. Sources can be dubious, information faulty and the agenda hidden. So, how do you tell the difference between the poisoned chalice and the brew that is true?

That’s where Cicero & Bernay comes in. Perhaps the greatest need in the Blogosphere is more reliable, authoritative, well-informed and accurate content, and as public relations experts who have been very successful at what we do, that’s what this blog provides.

So, why a blog and why now? Simply, it’s the right time. Cicero & Bernay has accomplished quite a lot over the past several years, gaining profound insight into the interaction of media and brands in a dynamic, and sometimes unstable, communications world. We want to share some of that knowledge and experience with you.

The other great thing about blogging is that it’s a two-way street. Not only will you read C&B’s expert opinions and information, you can also give your feedback, ask specific questions and get answers! This only gets better. We also want to ask you questions and debate the central issues of our industry; like the evolving role of social media, or what you thought of the last big PR stunt. We want our employees, clients and other communications professionals to join our ongoing conversation.

What’s the point?

Blogs are successful for lots of different reasons; perhaps they speak to a distinct group, add value to a particular area of concern, are just entertaining, inflammatory or are hosted by a tried and proven expert. I love blogs that serve a substantial purpose and, of course, are related to my primary interest: business. But it also helps when they get to the point, make it easy to find their content and stick to their focus area. That way I have a good idea of what to look for and where.

But the real power of blogging is the collaborative power of the many. It’s really about bringing minds, voices and ideas together. The blogger won’t really know what to say unless he’s in touch with the audience, and the audience can’t connect with the writer unless there is a portal through which to do so. It’s a self-sustaining exchange.

With all that’s happening in our industry, there is plenty to talk about. Let’s keep the conversation going.