We let the facts do the talking.


Having a spokesperson for your brand is vital for your public relations and marketing activities. In principle, the spokesperson you choose will be the face of the brand and the official voice of the company. He or she will share with the press stories, facts and messages that will be written about or recorded and later read or viewed by your target audience. Establishing an individual as a spokesperson entails mentioning them in all press releases and written material, as well as in your responses to media enquiries about the brand.


Why Have a Spokesperson?

Having an official spokesperson for your brand is important for the following reasons:

  • A well-trained person who is ready to interact with the media will help the brand maintain the consistency of its message
  • A designated spokesperson will become established in the media as the ‘go to’ representative
  • A dedicated spokesperson who is the only one permitted to speak about the brand will help ensure quality control


The Characteristics Required

It helps if a spokesperson has a magnetic personality and is a ‘natural’ in front of the cameras and microphone. Charisma will help them connect with audiences and will attract the media more readily, which of course increases the chances of publicity.

In establishing a spokesperson, the following should be used as important guidelines:

  • Bearing in mind the region we operate in, it is advisable to choose a spokesperson who is bilingual to maximise media opportunities
  • They should be a high-ranking individual with authority in the organisation
  • They should be someone who can be available at a moment’s notice to take advantage of any publicity opportunity that may suddenly occur
  • They should feel happy to talk and have no issues with their name and image being linked to the brand
  • They should be passionate about their organisation and well-versed in its key messages
  • They should be a communicator who answers questions with simple and easy to understand responses
  • They should be a presenter who commands respect and be able to react coolly when under pressure


In conclusion

A spokesperson gives your brand a human face and voice. Selecting one with the correct attributes and providing them with the right media training enables them to connect with audiences quickly and bring them on board as supporters. In short, they build trust and credibility. Don’t wait for a crisis to occur before you choose a spokesperson, as by then you are too late Selecting a spokesperson should be a priority today so that you are fully prepared for tomorrow.