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Change the light bulbs for your brainstorming session

I’ve been to a lot of creative offices, and every time I’m in one, I have to check out their ‘brainstorming’ room. You will be surprised with the amount of distractions in the room; everything from random wall colours to weird looking bean bags, and from ps3’s to guitar hero’s or even a pool table that’s standing right next to a super comfy couch. I’ve seen it all!

So, what’s right in a brainstorming session? As far as the rules go, I’d say anything wild and weird is more than welcome. Negativity however is definitely not. Good ideas come from the strangest places. They come from not being afraid to say, ‘what if?’ no matter how crazy it seems. If you have a ‘light bulb’ moment, hold on to it and see where it goes because if you stifle that, you disrupt creativity. The ‘brainstorming room’ is the place where all contributions are welcome and respected, because you never know where the next idea might come from. Ultimately one idea lead will lead to another, and you’ll get to find the biggest light bulb idea with your entire team Do not censor yourself. Just say it. Feeling creative?