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Burnout in The Corporate World

Part 2: Preventing burnout

I am glad you’re back! As I mentioned in the first part of my blog, working hard and walking the extra mile to meet your professional goals is not the wrong thing to do. However, being in the right physical, mental, and emotional state is all the more important. These are the ingredients for achieving even your smallest goals.

What does being ‘mindful’ mean? How can you read the signals of your body and brain? It means being conscious and aware of the minor changes, the thinking patterns, and the negative thoughts.  To respond to a stressful situation, you need to first be aware of the fact that things are not going as planned.

Once you do that, the trick is realizing and accepting that fact. You need to understand that things do not always go as planned and it is okay. When you notice negative thoughts take a moment to process and accept these emotions and then let them go.

Do not shy away from asking questions, or asking for help. Keep nurturing your hobbies and take out time to stand back and do things other than work.

Find something you enjoy doing, stick to it, and see it as your own time to discover and connect with yourself. Once you leave the workplace, try to leave the work day at the work place and focus on bettering yourself, for yourself.

Personally, I enjoy working out, painting, and reading. Each of these three hobbies has its own benefits. Working out has been scientifically proven to be a perfect way to destress, painting is a great way to let out emotions and an amazing way to express feelings. Reading is also an amazing way to disconnect and enter a different world for a while.

In nutshell, this blog is a gentle reminder for you to be kinder to yourself and to take it easy in stressful times. Experiencing burnout is okay and there is always a solution in order to grow out of it in a healthy way.

Tima Khalifeh is Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |