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Broadcast Yourself – Your Company, and Your Brand

SmartWater teamed up with Jennifer Aniston to make a video; a sensational success. With a humorous take on what people look for on YouTube, and giving props to viral videos that were hits, the campaign has drawn in millions of viewers.

Beginning with a domain name registered in February 2005 and the first video uploaded two months later in April, the way YouTube has grown, to become a communication phenomenon, is nothing short of an online revolution.

Along with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, PR practitioners are increasingly using YouTube to bridge the gap between their clients and the audience, directly engaging through original content and messages. Making online marketing even more important, the developments in connectivity and the availability of new technology and applications on your very own phone, means you don’t need to be glued to a chair or carry around a laptop to access the Internet.

By the people, for the people
It is commonplace to see people in huge numbers with mobiles filming the launch of the world’s tallest building and uploading on YouTube the same day. Today the news is no longer brought by a small group of elite, rather, you find anybody, anywhere, with a camera and some initiative sharing information about pretty much anything.

All eyes on you
From uploading, downloading, to streaming music videos, YouTube has cracked the winning formula that is suitably conveyed through its tag line that is simply –‘Broadcast Yourself’.

With everyone looking for their five minutes in the spotlight, where better to turn than the online stage that gets 3 billion views a day? Relatively easy and free,
YouTube has been responsible for creating superstars the world over, and is the perfect venue for letting the public in on your company – be it through testimonials, product information, competitions or purely for engagement.

Taking your message in your own hands
We literally use YouTube in our everyday lives for work, pleasure or research.
What companies need to get in on is using YouTube to say what they have to say, they’re own way.

It is the power of this medium that prompted Barack Obama to get on YouTube to open a two-way communication channel with the American people, inviting them to post videos and messages addressed to him.

Communication specialists, media moguls and global political heads turn to YouTube to connect with their audience, deliver their messages, launch products and in some cases prepare a response video following a major crisis, and that’s a lead you should definitely take advantage of.

Bringing them in
My colleague recently discussed the advantages of inbound marketing, and it is a great time to bring this up again. YouTube is a sensational way of generating excited leads that come looking for you. Why? When customers actively seek you out, they are already interested, rather than trying to block you out.

So why do I think you should use YouTube? No matter what kind of video you want to watch or post, you can do it all, whether it’s for your business or personal life. And taking Jennifer Anniston’s advice, make sure you include cute puppies, a talking parrot, dancing babies and if not a rainbow use a dust storm. Keep the cameras rolling, and broadcast yourself.

What are some viral hits that you have come across? Why do you think they drew in so much attention?