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Breaking bad…. Getting rid of bad PR habits

With the entire buzz around the Breaking Bad TV show season finale, I have recently come across many titles of breaking bad from things. It amuses me and I like the meme, so I thought to myself “What is it that we can break bad from in PR?” Well, here you go…

  1. Breaking bad from mass mailing….
    • Send out your press release to a million and one media contacts will not guarantee you success. In fact, you are probably less likely to get coverage than if you sent it out too far fewer but carefully nurtured journalists.
  2. Breaking bad from only using traditional media….
    • Utilise social media for press lease distribution. This can help you reach a far greater audience than if you only choose traditional outlets.
  3. Breaking bad from not using your resources….
    • Choose your topics carefully and get the titles right. The client may ask for something specific, but utilise your resources to the max; from research to copywriter skills. This will ensure that your piece is interesting, eye-catching and easy-to-read.
  4. Breaking bad from not following up…
    • Google knows and has everything, which means you can always search your topics. You can check if they have been covered, where they were covered and who covered them.
  5. Breaking bad from not keeping up with your contacts…
    • Follow your media contacts on twitter and be-friend them on Facebook. Keep an eye out for the articles they post, the news they carry and the events they attend. Get on their radar through posts, re-tweets, writing comments, etc.
  6. Breaking bad from being impersonal and too formal…
    • When meeting a media contact for the first time, try to open up about something other than the client. Look for areas of mutual interest that will help you establish a more personal relationship as you move forward.
  7. Breaking bad from not nurturing your relationships…
    • Think of your contacts as friends: amuse them, ask about them, take care of them, see them and keep in touch with them. Invite them for coffee, visit them at their offices and send them gifts. No, we are not using and abusing, it is the nature of our business.