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Blogging? It’s not personal; it’s business

Long gone are the days when blogging was a personal matter. First generation bloggers were thrilled just to have the space to write about whatever interested them, and if anyone out there on the World Wide Web read the blog, then that was just the icing on the cake. But that was never the aim. It was about being personal, saying what was on your mind and just having your own opinion.

That however, has changed. And if you talk to any blogger today, they will tell you flat out that getting more followers and maximising clicks is the goal. You hear about klout and followers more than you hear about the satisfaction of being heard of.

Blogging now is a big business, and there are ways to succeed in being influential in the social media sphere. From where you place your media icons on your website, generating traffic using recommendation engines, using link shorteners – even when you don’t have to, and even communicating more with other bloggers, there are many guides to succeeding in the increasingly complex domain of social media.

It starts with knowing how to play the game and then taking it one step further to be significant in your own right. Anyone can write a blog now, and promote it through social media channels; but the one that gets the second hit is the one that stands out.

What are you doing to make sure people keep coming back without manipulation?