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Artificial Intelligence, Real Marketing

In 2018, when asked how he imagines the world would be in 50 years, Rand Hindi, Co-founder & CEO of Snips — a Paris-based company that is revolutionising the use of AI to allow it to communicate like humans — emphasised that the future is not one that exists without people, as popular speculative fiction would have us believe. The future is represented by machines that interface with humans, combining our horizontal intelligence with the vertical execution of artificial intelligence (AI).

This may sound estranged, if not bizarre, to some but the integration of man and machine need not be a just a conceptual thought, neither should it be left on a mantel as a future to look forward to. It is a reality, and AI is already affecting more aspects of human lives, integrating into all sectors that exist, than some are aware of or willing to admit to.

For some years now, communication analysts have been experimenting with the science of data and AI to understand how to communicate with consumers in an autonomous and seamless manner. Marketing has always been about the aforesaid, but the difference is that for the first time now, we are thinking of freeing this process of personal involvement and transferring it to the realm of algorithms and big data.

Consider the science behind target demographics and the methodologies being utilised to identify an audience. From the foundations of relevant data to the bespoke content created for customers, machine learning and AI have today made it possible for marketers to not just draw a clearer picture of their target audiences but also present them with personalised products, ideas, or services.

On a broader scale, big data insights, digital marketing tools, machine learning tactics, and robotic solutions, if used and integrated optimally to the marketing plans, have the potential to boost the overall performance and uplift ROIs for a business. Today, both consumers and marketers live in an information- and technology-driven world.

Since the impact of AI on the success of marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of marketing strategies has been acknowledged, businesses have been looking for innovative tools to implement AI and integrate it into the very fabric of their respective industries. As companies leverage breakthroughs into digital disruptions, cloud, mobile, and social technology to deliver bespoke, valuable, and immediate experiences, the question has evolved from ‘what if?’ to ‘how fast can it be done?’


Ahmad Itani is Founder & CEO at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |