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Are you trained to handle crisis?

You’ve seen my earlier posts about how television interviews can make even the experts sweat. They can be tough; especially with the media sharks circling their prey – wishing and waiting for the CEOs to mess-up as they give their sound-bites. It’s like blood, and the first scent of it can result in media frenzy.
Sometimes it’s not just the clients who mess up; sometimes it’s the sharks themselves that end up being, ‘What’s for lunch?’

Peter Sisson learned that the hard way after being chastised in the media for wearing red as he announced the Queen Mother’s death.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that BBC – one of the world premier news agencies – is reportedly training its news presenters now on how to announce the British queen’s death, from words all the way to attire. Smart move.

Too much, or absolutely necessary?