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‘Adapt or Die’ – A New Mantra for PR Professionals

The world around us is constantly evolving, and the world of Public Relations is no different. Despite having worked in the industry for two years, I think it’s safe to say that the way we approach PR today is very different from the kind of strategies that were implemented a decade ago. The most evident change being the shift of focus from traditional media to online and social media as a result of rapid technological developments.

Even the way we deal with journalists seems to have changed. I remember a conversation with one of my colleagues in my first month as a fresh-faced account executive, still quite timid and unsure of how to approach the media. With several years of experience under his belt, he gave me the “Back in my day…” speech, and told me of a time when PRs would take the time to really get to know journalists. It was an age of face-to-face meetings, finding common ground and even taking the time to remember birthdays and anniversaries. I soon came to realise that this is becoming less and less the case – it’s not that we don’t care as much, it’s simply that people no longer have the luxury of time, and so we adapt. We keep things short and simple, we communicate what we can by phone or e-mail and sadly, we go months liaising with a journalist without even knowing what they look like.

Jim Weiss, CEO of WCG, discusses this observation in greater depth expressly the need for agencies to adapt and stay current – while I agree with this, it really would be nice if we could maintain that ‘personal touch’ from way back when.

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