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A Journalist or a PR Pro?

With the fast changing trends of journalism, the best way to improve media relations and secure coverage for your clients is to “put your journalistic hat on” and try to abide by the following conceptions.

The Shorter, the Better – Sum up your message in a few key bullet points and express it in a compelling way. What used to be considered as long is now shorter. What matters is indeed the quality.

Slow down, to go fast –With the emergence of social media as live news broadcasting mediums, it is as important to get it out quick as it is to get it right. It is time to adapt. Become aware of journalists’ needs and become a valuable resource. Preserve accuracy, quick responses and thorough follow-up as well as extensive knowledge.

Put your resources to use – Because of cuts, journalists are working longer hours and carrying heavier workloads. Using your resources and passing on information will be truly appreciated. It will not only benefit them, but help you build strong relationships.

Expand on social media – Journalists are not only limited to the publication they work for, many of them are active on their Facebook pages, personal blogs and twitter accounts. Take advantage of the diverse opportunities to communicate, listen and build stronger relationships with them.

Recognise the value – The 21st century’s social media has increased the challenge of being the first to break or uncover a story. If you can’t offer them an exclusive, think if you might have a special resource to pitch or an angle to tackle.

What other practices will help while you’re in disguise?