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Make your movies 3D and your PR 4

I’ve asked my 5-year old nephew, why he loves 3-D movies so much?
He looked at me with those wondering eyes exclaiming, “What kind of question is that?”
Then he replied, “Well because I am there!”

3D movies put us right in the action, which makes the experience even more thrilling. We find ourselves consumed with an alternate universe – there is no escape.

When it comes to PR campaigns, we have to be ahead of the game, so 4D PR comes into play.

A 4D strategy includes the four components of media: television, print, radio, and social media (the youngster of the bunch). The most effective approach will make use of all those elements, because each is significant in its own right- they feed off one another.

The online force is the connecting bond between those four components. Newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio shows, etc. must have an online base to make their presence known.

Let’s say you want to get your organisation’s name out there. Well it’s easier than you might think. Don’t underestimate the power of any media outlet- big or small. If you have an opportunity for an interview with a local newspaper, take it, if you can be present on social media, do it.

The only way to get your name heard is to say it. Now thanks to the World Wide Web, that’s easier done than said. What’s harder is making sure you understand that online means interaction, and you will need to know how to talk to the people.

As for the social media aspect, you are on reverse here. When you establish social network, it can later help you reach the off-line community. An individual or organisation with a larger following or fan base is instantly more appealing to the public, which in turn draws the attention of other media forms.

A good PR campaign strives to CONNECT after all.

Are you living the 4D experience?