We let the facts do the talking.

٣٠ ثانية فقط لإيصال رسالتك

The speed and sophistication of the world of communication has become an important foundation, not an advantage that you may add to the communication processes you practice in your daily life. With the great development of the world of communication and the technological revolution, we must employ all the tools of communication and harness them for the benefit and achieve the goals in both practical and social.

We are all looking for a position or dream job, and maybe you are looking to establish your own project. To achieve these goals, we have to communicate with people who are specialized in the required fields. These are often at the top of important positions, and there are hundreds trying to communicate with them every day. The only one who seeks to achieve his goals set.

This means that they do not have time to hear the details of your dreams and goals. The mutual interest in the business world must be taken into account, so you must do something to achieve what you are seeking. There is a high probability of meeting these people accidentally in public places, or perhaps in the elevator of his company after he is fed up with the secretary’s review, and the excuses he makes due to the manager’s schedule of busy appointments, meetings and other business. Here you should take advantage of the time available to you to listen to your manager, give you more time and give you confidence.

Keep in mind that you only have 30 seconds to pronounce 80 words or 10 sentences. This is why we have to summarize and choose information with high accuracy, and talk only about things that make the busy manager listen to you with interest and may give you another chance to listen to you so that you can provide more details, because there are questions you must cover for the best results, The idea of the project you came for, your target audience, the features that make you distinct from others, and the reasons why you have to address this particular person.

These things require you to pay attention to the body language, and to express a positive smile express the positive, do not be a broad smile to make you look like a mute, and yellow may understand that you are bleak.

You can use the “30 seconds” approach in many areas, not just for a job, for funding or support for your project, but for the way you interact with your current or potential client, which makes your words important to important information. In this way you succeed in gaining attention and gaining trust.

wishing you good luck.

Ali Al Otaibi