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3 Ways to Boost Interaction with Your Facebook Fans

It’s not enough just to make fans; you need to earn their keep. Facebook has evolved way beyond a social platform to find friends, meet new people or discover loved ones passed; it has become a brand’s calling card, a way to highlight their professional persona online and have an outstanding character presence in the digital world. But in order to stand out in a crowd, you need to do something worth noticing.

Become a Resource

Don’t just post and repost; start a conversation, ask people questions, lead the dialogue.

Give them something for free

Give fans a taste of what they will get if they pay you, and maybe they will be enticed to do so.

Teach them something they didn’t know

We learn something new every day, right? Why not have it be from you?

Sure, anyone can Facebook, but to really Facebook, it doesn’t hurt to give some of these a try.

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