We let the facts do the talking.

Why work for the man if you can work somewhere amazing?

Companies are always trying to attract new blood to their organisation – also known as fresh graduates – but wonder if they find you attractive?

According to a survey by “the consulting firm Universum”, Google was number one on the list of the most attractive places for young people to work for. Wonder why? Who wouldn’t want to work in a colourful, fun and entertaining environment where the only requirement was to be inspired every day? If that weren’t enough, have you seen their offices?

It’s not just that. We aren’t the same as our parents were. We’re the ‘Facebook Generation’. We’re well-educated, we’re entrepreneurial and we’re not happy working from sun up to sun down, under some mean old boss with no appreciation. Oh no. That’s why you won’t find a Fortune 500 on the top of our wish list, but here’s what you will find: Google, Apple, Facebook, U.S. Department of State, The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, FBI, Microsoft, Sony, and Central Intelligence Agency.

So maybe my dad was happy slaving away for the man, but I sure isn’t.

Happy at work?